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Made For You Paper Fasteners

The Jasart Made For You Embellishment collection is a fun and easy way to add extra pizazz to all craft projects.

Offering a range of quality Scrapbooking Embellishments including Clips, Brads & Stickers and much more.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0283590 Stars Gold
9311960283596 44 83 22 15
EDP: 0298700 Primitive Heart Red
9311960298705 44 83 22 15
EDP: 0298680 Mini Square Gold
9311960298682 44 83 22 15
EDP: 0298690 Mini Square Silver
9311960298699 44 83 22 15
EDP: 0298660 Mini Star Gold
9311960298668 44 83 22 15
EDP: 0298670 Mini Star Silver
9311960298675 44 83 22 15
Product UOM
Stars Gold
EDP: 0283590
Primitive Heart Red
EDP: 0298700
Mini Square Gold
EDP: 0298680
Mini Square Silver
EDP: 0298690
Mini Star Gold
EDP: 0298660
Mini Star Silver
EDP: 0298670

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