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Stabilo All Pencils

Stabilo's soft, waxy leads mark on virtually any surface. This is not an artist coloured pencil for drawing and sketching, but more a coloured marking pencil. Writes brilliantly on glass, plastic, film, metal and even difficult surfaces such as Mylar.. Particularly suits professional users with special requirements e.g. in the industrial sector

Wipes off with a damp cloth from smooth surfaces and erases from paper.

useful for correcting drafts and proofs, or marking layouts. This pencil is pre-sharpened.

Coloured and graphite pencil for almost all surfaces.Writes brilliantly on glass, plastic, metal.Leads made from the highest-quality pigments and finest graphite.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0080444 Yellow
4006381328135 175 7 7 5
EDP: 0080541 Orange
4006381328166 175 7 7 5
EDP: 0080402 Red
4006381328104 175 7 7 5
EDP: 0080436 Green
4006381328128 175 7 7 5
EDP: 0080410 Blue
4006381328111 175 7 7 5
EDP: 0080460 Black
4006381327565 175 7 7 5
EDP: 0080088 Graphite
4006381328098 175 7 7 5
Product UOM
EDP: 0080444
Box 12
EDP: 0080541
Box 12
EDP: 0080402
Box 12
EDP: 0080436
Box 12
EDP: 0080410
Box 12
EDP: 0080460
Box 12
EDP: 0080088
Box 12

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