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Winsor & Newton Value Brush Packs Phthalo Turquoise

Winsor & Newton Brush Sets are available in both Natural and Synthetic hair, these sets offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are superb value for money. These brushes can be used for oil colour, acrylics or watercolour depending on the type of hair and fluidity of the colour used.

Sable brushes are primarily used with watercolour and gouache. It is also suitable for acrylics and oils.

Hog bristle brushes are suitable for use with oils and acrylics.

Synthetic brushes are available in White Synthetic and Gold synthetic colours.

  • White Synthetic brushes are available in short handles for watercolour, acrylic and gouache and long handles for acrylics and oils.
  • Golden Synthetic are ideal as a general all-purpose artists' brush. They can be used for oils, acrylics, Griffin Alkyd Fast Drying Oil Colour, Artisan Water Mixable Oils and watercolour.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0298460 White Synthetic Brushes (Pack 5)
0094376947878 85 15 390 67
EDP: 0298530 White Synthetic Brushes (Pack 6)
0094376947953 15 70 300 27
EDP: 0298540 White Synthetic Brushes (Pack 6)
EDP: 0298490 White Synthetic Brushes (Pack 8)
EDP: 0298550 Golden Synthetic Brushes (Pack 6)
EDP: 0298510 Golden Synthetic Brushes (Pack 7)
How to care for your brushes | Winsor & Newton Masterclass

Showing tips and techniques involving Artisan Water Mixable Safflower Oil; Sansodor and Brush Cleaner give your brushes longevity.

Product UOM
White Synthetic Brushes (Pack 5)
EDP: 0298460
White Synthetic Brushes (Pack 6)
EDP: 0298530
White Synthetic Brushes (Pack 6)
EDP: 0298540
White Synthetic Brushes (Pack 8)
EDP: 0298490
Golden Synthetic Brushes (Pack 6)
EDP: 0298550
Golden Synthetic Brushes (Pack 7)
EDP: 0298510

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