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Jasart Ox Hair Deer Foot Brushes

Deer Foot Ox brushes are great for Folk Art, stippling, stencilling or dry shading applications.

Ox hair has a very strong body with silken texture, is very resilient and has good 'snap'.

Ideal for Water Colour and Oil.

Features a short silver handle.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0320020 Size 1/16
9311960320024 275 45 5 6
EDP: 0320030 Size 1/8
9311960320031 275 45 5 8
EDP: 0320040 Size 1/4
9311960320048 275 45 5 8
EDP: 0320050 Size 3/8
9311960320055 275 45 8 10
EDP: 0320060 Size 1/2
9311960320062 275 45 9 10
Product UOM
Size 1/16
EDP: 0320020
Size 1/8
EDP: 0320030
Size 1/4
EDP: 0320040
Size 3/8
EDP: 0320050
Size 1/2
EDP: 0320060

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