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Reeves Wooden Box Pencil Sets

Reeves Wooden Box Pencil Sets are an ideal gift or beginner set. Each set contains high quality pencils, paper pad, eraser & sharpener.

Reeves pencils have high quality leads with a smooth colour laydown. Superior pigments for a combination of drawing & blending.

Available in both Colour & Watercolour Pencil combinations.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0063220 Colour Pencil Set 34pc
9311960063228 410 257 45 1000
EDP: 0063240 Watercolour Pencil Set 34pc
9311960063242 410 257 45 1000
Product UOM
Colour Pencil Set 34pc
EDP: 0063220
Watercolour Pencil Set 34pc
EDP: 0063240