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Speedball Signature Ink Sets

Speedball Signature Ink Sets is a perfect set for beginners or for a project which requires beautiful hand written script.
Great for when you are creating invites or writing a personal letter to a loved one.

Each set includes a marbled pen holder with a handcrafted gold plated pen nib.

Inks are non toxic, waterproof, acid free and archival.

Black Ink and Cleaner set includes:

  • Pen holder with nib
  • 12ml black acrylic ink
  • 12ml non-toxic pen cleaner

Gold and Silver Ink set includes:

  • Pen holder with nib
  • 12ml Gold acrylic ink
  • 12ml Silver acrylic ink

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0345800 Signature Series Set Black/Cleaner
0651032941573 98 83 232 91
EDP: 0345810 Signature Series Set Gold/Silver
0651032941603 98 83 232 91
Product UOM
Signature Series Set Black/Cleaner
EDP: 0345800
Signature Series Set Gold/Silver
EDP: 0345810