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Lefranc & Bourgeois Specialty Varnish

Satin Picture Varnish is an intermediate between the glossy picture varnishes (crystal type) and the matte picture varnishes (beeswax). It owes its semi-matteness to the presence of a small amount of colloidal silica. It offers a non-reflective, non-yellowing polish and lustrous transparency of perfect evenness, even when used on impasto surfaces. Formulated with acrylic and ketone resin, linseed oil, silica and quick drying petroleum. Anti UV.

Ageing Varnish - This water-based varnish provides a subtle yellow tone to duplicate the effects of age. This varnish can be used alone for a smooth finish or with cracking varnish.

Cracking Varnish - Creates natural cracking effects when used over Lefranc & Bourgeois Ageing varnish. Suitable for objects painted with acrylic paints, smooth surfaces, and printed pictures.
Water based, cleanable with warm soapy water.


Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0396798 Satin Picture Varnish 75ml
3013643002079 60 41 99 194
EDP: 0406906 Satin Picture Varnish 250ml
3013643002086 65 65 163 400
EDP: 0396806 Cracking Varnish 250ml
3013642102824 65 65 163 500

Ageing Varnish


Cracking Varnish


Satin Picture Varnish

Product UOM
Satin Picture Varnish 75ml
EDP: 0396798
Satin Picture Varnish 250ml
EDP: 0406906
Cracking Varnish 250ml
EDP: 0396806