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Ideal 1080 and 1110 Guillotines

Ideal for graphic studios, print rooms and schools.

  • Wide angle blade specially designed for cutting both paper and heavier stock
  • Includes stand, foot pedal clamp and collapsible extension table
  • 1080 Capacity: 20 Sheets Cutting Length: 800mm
  • 1110 Capacity: 20 Sheets Cutting Length: 1110mm

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0097457 1080 Guillotine
4019364108006 1030 680 940 71200
EDP: 0097473 1110 Guillotine
4019364109003 1370 890 960 83500
IDEAL 2 Year Warranty Guillotines
Product UOM
1080 Guillotine
EDP: 0097457
1110 Guillotine
EDP: 0097473

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