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Chairmats are an important component to any home or office environment. They provide both application and ergonomic functions.
Application: Chairmats protect your floor covering investment from the damage that chair casters, furniture or shoes can cause while still allowing the beauty of your floor to show through.
Ergonomics: Chairmats also reduce leg strain/fatigue by giving minimal gliding resistance when used with caster chairs.

Download our Guide to Choosing Your Chairmat, which has lots of useful tips on selecting the correct chairmat for your needs.

Carpet Chairmats

These chairmats are for carpeted areas only. Carpet chairmats have grippers on the underside which help keep the chairmat in place on carpeted floors. Do not use on hard floor surfaces.
When choosing a chairmat for carpets, it is important that you choose the correct mat for the carpet thickness to ensure long life for both the chairmat and your carpet.

Press a pin or similar object through your carpet until it reaches the floor, then measure the length as a guide to how thick the carpet and underlay are. Make sure you do not depress the carpet down when measuring. If you choose the wrong thickness chairmat for your carpet, it may crack over time.

Click on the links below depending on your carpet thickness. They will then guide you to the correct chairmat for your carpet.


Hard Floor Chairmats

Hardfloor chairmats have a smooth underside and are designed to protect many hardfloor surfaces including: tiles, vinyl, lino, floor boards, concrete etc..


Recycled Chairmats

For hardfloor surfaces only. These recylced chairmats are Manufactured from 100% recycled post consumer PET – a revolution in product development. Extremely durable, slightly tinted and 100% recyclable. Great for consumers who wish to reduce their carbon footprint.