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Floortex Polycarbonate Hard Floor Chairmat

Floor Type: Recommended for hard floor surfaces only.

  • Made from Polycarbonate which is
    • durable
    • very clear
    • environmentally friendly
    • fire resistant
    • emission free
  • Protects hard floors from chairs with ease of movement.
  • Smooth back protection stops mat from sliding out of position
  • Durable, clear design lets floor show through.
  • Ideal for many different applications from chairs to heavy traffic areas, from vending machines to reception areas.
  • 5 year warranty applies when used in the correct application.


N.B: Please refer to "A Guide To Choosing Your Chairmat" to help you decide which chairmat is right for you and your floor type.

N.B: Please refer to the Warranty section which details: warranty claims, care/use and your rights/responsibilities.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0334310 90 x 120cm Rectangular
5060044741876 1190 890 2 2200
EDP: 0331550 120 x 150cm Rectangular
5060044741678 1500 1200 2 3700
Floortex: PVC (Vinyl) Free
Floortex: Original PC Logo
5 Year Warranty
Eco Friendly
Product UOM
90 x 120cm Rectangular
EDP: 0334310
120 x 150cm Rectangular
EDP: 0331550