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DAC Foot Rest

These foot rests come with ergonomic design and comfort. Reduces muscle fatigue, improves circulation and promotes better seating posture.

The Ultimate MP140 foot rest has reflexology massage surface and exceptionally smooth & silent movement self-adjusting features.

The Heavy duty MP50B foot rest has a sturdy platform which self-adjusts for greatest comfort. Features a non-mar surface and non-slip "o-rings" to ensure that the footrest remains firmly in place.



Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0267610 Ultimate MP140
0061754021192 483 356 115 2220
EDP: 0240890 Heavy Duty MP50B
0061754020614 460 385 155 1560
Product UOM
Ultimate MP140
EDP: 0267610
Heavy Duty MP50B
EDP: 0240890