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Elmer's Glue Pens

Dual tip school pens with both a fine and wide applicator. Fine applicator is for small and detailed work while the wide applicator is great for large applications. Also available in School Glue or special No-Wrinkle formula, which ensures a nice and smooth bond.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0366840 School Glue Dual Tip 30ml
0026000001342 20 68 173 55
EDP: 0366850 No Wrinkle Dual Tip 30ml
0026000001328 29 69 174 65

Elmer's No Wrinkle Glue Pen

Product UOM
School Glue Dual Tip 30ml
EDP: 0366840
Card 1
No Wrinkle Dual Tip 30ml
EDP: 0366850
Card 1

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