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Artline Decorite

The ideal marker for decorating and writing on various surfaces.

  • Opaque, water-based pigment ink
  • Ink is formulated to produce vivid and vibrant colours
  • Complete coverage
  • Ready to use upon cap off, no need to shake or pump
  • No priming on surface before use
  • Fade-resistant and acid-free
  • For decorating and writing on card, glass, porcelain, metal and plastic surfaces
  • Flexible brush and 3.0mm wedge tips
  • Available in sets of 8
  • Xylene free
  • Suitable for a large variety of surfaces, e.g. paper, card, plastic, glass, porcelain, metal, photo, etc.
  • Hang sell packaging

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 140378 Metallic Wedge Tip Set 8
4549441011665 287 60 24 120
EDP: 140878 Metallic Brush Tip Set 8
4549441011672 287 60 24 120
Product UOM
Metallic Wedge Tip Set 8
EDP: 140378
Metallic Brush Tip Set 8
EDP: 140878

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