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Tombow ABT Pro Marker Themed Sets

Tombow ABT Pro Marker Pack of 12 Themed Sets

  • Includes stackable, reusable trays
  • 12-piece themed colour assortments designed for colouring, sketching, fashion illustration, portrait drawings, nature and manga art.

Colour content:

  • Basic Palette - P025 Light Orange, P127 Artichoke, P245 Sap Green, P403 Bright Blue, P555 Ultramarine, P636 Imperial Purple, P685 Deep Magenta, P743 Hot Pink, P856 Poppy Red, P907 Spice, P925 Scarlet, PN15 Black
  • Grey Palette - PN95 Cool Gray 1, PN89 Warm Gray 1, PN79 Warm Gray 2, PN75 Cool Gray 3, PN69 Warm Gray 4, PN55 Cool Gray 7, PN49 Warm Gray 8, PN45 Cool Gray 10, PN35 Cool Gray 12, PN29 Warm Gray 13, PN25 Lamp Black, PN15 Black
  • Fashion Palette - P177 Dark Jade, P526 True Blue, P535 Cobalt Blue, P606 Violet, P772 Dusty Rose, P847 Crimson, P879 Brown, P910 Opal, P992 Sand, PN95 Cool Gray 1, PN45 Cool Gray 10, PN15 Black
  • People Palette - P800 Pale Pink, P839 Espresso, P850 Light Apricot, P852 Rose Quartz, P873 Coral, P879 Brown, P910 Opal, P942 Cappuccino, P969 Chocolate, P977 Saddle Brown, P992 Sand, PN15 Black
  • Nature Palette - P133 Chartreuse, P173 Willow Green, P195 Light Green, P249 Hunter Green, P476 Cyan, P502 Arctic Blue, P665 Purple, P673 Orchid, P803 Pink Punch, P815 Cherry, P991 Light Ochre, P947 Burnt Sienna
  • Manga Pallette - P062 Pale Yellow, P126 Light Olive, P158 Dark Olive, P452 Process Blue, P493 Reflex Blue, P603 Periwinkle, P703 Pink Rose, P845 Carmine, P850 Light Apricot, P873 Coral, P907 Spice, PN15 Black

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 6449251 Basic Palette Pk12
050085014569618 254 202 24 235
EDP: 6449252 Grey Palette Pk12
050085014569625 254 202 24 235
EDP: 6449253 Fashion Palette Pk12
050085014569632 254 202 24 235
EDP: 6449254 People Palette Pk12
050085014569649 254 202 24 235
EDP: 6449255 Nature Palette Pk12
050085014569656 254 202 24 235
EDP: 6449256 Manga Palette Pk12
050085014569663 254 202 24 235

Tombow ABT Pro Marker

Tombow ABT PRO Alcohol-Based Markers
Product UOM
Basic Palette Pk12
EDP: 6449251
Grey Palette Pk12
EDP: 6449252
Fashion Palette Pk12
EDP: 6449253
People Palette Pk12
EDP: 6449254
Nature Palette Pk12
EDP: 6449255
Manga Palette Pk12
EDP: 6449256

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