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Tombow ABT Pro Marker Tone Sets

Tombow ABT Pro Marker Pack of 5 Blendable Sets

Get two Tombow ABT Pro alcohol marker blends from each pack:

  • Light to Medium Blend
  • Medium to Dark Blend

Colour content:

  • Yellow Tones - P090 Lemon Cream, P062 Pale Yellow, P055 Process Yellow, P025 Light Orange, P026 Yellow Gold
  • Orange Tones - P991 Light Ochre, P985 Chrome Yellow, P933 Orange, P925 Scarlet, P905 Red
  • Red Tones - P942 Cappuccino, P912 Pale Cherry, P845 Carmine, P856 Poppy Red, P837 Wine Red
  • Pink Tones - P800 Pale Pink, P703 Pink Rose, P743 Hot Pink, P755 Rubine Red, P757 Port Red
  • Purple Tones - P660 Lavender Blush, P603 Periwinkle, P633 Deep Lavender, P636 Imperial Purple, P606 Violet
  • Blue Tones - P491 Glacier Blue, P451 Sky Blue, P452 Process Blue, P476 Cyan, P555 Ultramarine
  • Green Tones - P131 Lemon Lime, P133 Chartreuse, P126 Light Olive, P177 Dark Jade, P249 Hunter Green
  • Grey Tones - PN95 Cool Grey 1, PN75 Cool Grey 3, PN65 Cool Grey 5, PN55 Cool Grey 7, PN35 Cool Grey 12
  • Basic Assorted - P055 Process Yellow, P277 Dark Green, P555 Ultramarine, P845 Carmine, PN15 Black

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 6449201 Yellow Tones Pk5
050085014569670 192 64 14 71
EDP: 6449207 Orange Tones Pk5
050085014569731 192 64 14 71
EDP: 6449208 Red Tones Pk5
050085014569748 192 64 14 71
EDP: 6449202 Pink Tones Pk5
050085014569687 192 64 14 71
EDP: 6449206 Purple Tones Pk5
050085014569724 192 64 14 71
EDP: 6449204 Blue Tones Pk5
050085014569700 192 64 14 71
EDP: 6449205 Green Tones Pk5
050085014569717 192 64 14 71
EDP: 6449203 Grey Tones Pk5
050085014569694 192 64 14 71
EDP: 6449301 Basic Asstd Pk5
4003198150010 192 64 14 71

Tombow ABT Pro Marker

Tombow ABT PRO Alcohol-Based Markers
Product UOM
Yellow Tones Pk5
EDP: 6449201
Orange Tones Pk5
EDP: 6449207
Red Tones Pk5
EDP: 6449208
Pink Tones Pk5
EDP: 6449202
Purple Tones Pk5
EDP: 6449206
Blue Tones Pk5
EDP: 6449204
Green Tones Pk5
EDP: 6449205
Grey Tones Pk5
EDP: 6449203
Basic Asstd Pk5
EDP: 6449301

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