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Sihl 3549 Optilux Backlit Film WF 200 Matt 200mic

Sihl 3549 Optilux Backlit WF 200 Matt 200mic is a single-side coated, transparent polyester film with a matt coating for solvent inks. It is designed for high-quality graphic arts applications in backlit boxes with high contrast. The coating is water resistant and suitable for areas with high humidity and condensation. Due to the higher thickness, the product is well suitable for larger displays.


  • Outdoor Signage
  • Indoor Backlit
  • City Light Posters / Outdoor Light Box Displays


  • Strong and rigid base material (polyester)
  • Suitable for eco- and real-solvent inks
  • High ink capacity and good ink fixation
  • Water resistant coating with eco- and true-solvent inks
  • Cold lamination possible for protection (higher contrast and color brilliance)

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0358230 1372mm x 30m
N/A 1430 160 150 13600
Indoor Backlit
Outdoor Signage
City Light Posters / Outdoor Light Box Displays
Water Resistant / Waterfastness
Quick Dry
Use only pressure sensitive laminate films
Tear Reistant
Solvent Ink
Product UOM
1372mm x 30m
EDP: 0358230