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Reeves Sketching Pencil Sets

Reeves Sketching Pencils are ideal for artistic drawing and sketching, due to their high quality graphite lead. The wide range of lead softness provides you with a huge array of different shading effects and techniques.

The strong leads will not easily break when sharpened and last longer under heavy marking and drawing pressure.

Artist Sketching Set of 13 includes:
HB, 2B, 4B, and 6B Pencils, 2 Brown Pastels, 2 Black Pastels, Sharpener, Eraser, Sandpaper Block and 2 Blending Stumps.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0011710 Sketching Pencils Set 12
EDP: 0009070 Artist Sketching Set of 13
0780804862058 224 219 18 130
Product UOM
Sketching Pencils Set 12
EDP: 0011710
Artist Sketching Set of 13
EDP: 0009070

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