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Rotring Profil Drawing Board A3

The Rotring Profil Drawing Board is made from robust non-warping material. This ergonomically designed, lightweight drawing board, features a parallel double locking straight edge and is perfectly designed for precise drawing and easy comfortable working. The L-system straightedge design allows drawing along the top edge of the straightedge right down to the bottom of the sheet, with full accuracy and stability.


  • Parallel straightedge with STOP-and-GO locking/unlocking action (double locking)
  • Magnetic clamp strip plus additional corner clamp to hold media securely
  • Guide rails designed for permanently smooth, feather light straightedge movement
  • End lock on A3 straightedges for added stability

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0046059 Profil Drawing Board A3
4006856522280 515 380 45 1270
Product UOM
Profil Drawing Board A3
EDP: 0046059

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