Delivery Policy

Orders above our Minimum Order Value ($250.00 excluding GST) will qualify for free in store delivery in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and surrounding metropolitan areas. Freight charges will normally apply to deliveries to SA and WA. A Customer is defined as a retailer, dealer or reseller that holds an active account with Jasco.

  1. Deliveries outside of capital cities and surrounding metropolitan areas will incur an additional charge.
  2. Jasco reserves the right to charge a delivery fee for orders containing bulky/large products, for example: canvas or easels.
  3. Jasco reserves the right to charge a delivery fee for any products which require a two person lift or delivery to any locations which do not have suitable receiving facilities (special delivery requirements) or for deliveries to a third part as nominated by the customer.
  4. A list of products subject to an additional charge and the conditions which determine any special delivery requirements is available from the Company, by contacting
  5. A Delivery and Processing charge will apply for all non-FIS deliveries:
    a. $10.00 flat fee will apply to all non-FIS metro deliveries.
    b. All regional non-FIS deliveries will be quoted (by our Customer Service Manager) and charged accordingly.
    c. It is at the discretion of the Customer Service Manager, Sales General Manager or Divisional/Product Manager to waive any Delivery and Processing charges.
    d. Deliveries requiring the use of a sensitive freight forwarder will be charged at the nominated rate.
  6. Deliveries will only be arranged to addresses approved by the Company. To add a delivery address to your account, please contact us by email at

Special Delivery Requirements

Special Delivery Requirements

Products which may incur a charge under “Special Delivery Requirements” in Jasco’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Trade are marked with the "Special Delivery" symbol on the Product Page.


Delivery conditions which may incur a charge under “Special Delivery Requirements” in Jasco’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Trade include:

  • Where unpacking, installation and removal of packaging is required.
  • Where delivery involves the need to use stairs, disassembling the machine to fit through a door, two person lift etc.

These charges will be based on the results of a site inspection by a designated agent of Jasco or on provision of the following information:

  • Availability of loading dock, forklift or pallet jack.
  • Description of access – Shop front, main street, alley
  • The width of any doors the machine needs to go through
  • Is it necessary to use stairs for the delivery
  • Are there corridors and if so, what is the width
  • Is there already 15amp power available (if required)
  • Does the machine need to be unpacked and the packing material removed
  • Is installation or training required.

A quotation will be provided based on the information above. If the information provided proves to be inaccurate and additional costs are incurred over and above the quoted amount, these costs may be passed on accordingly.

Delivery Dates

  1. Any delivery dates quotes are estimates only and the Company is not bound by any such estimate and the Customer will not make claim, or delay payment for non-delivery within the time estimated.
  2. It is hereby agreed that the Company will not be liable for any costs, losses, or damages arising whether directly or indirectly from non or late delivery of any goods ordered

Partial Deliveries

The Company may make partial deliveries of any order received and the Company is not liable to any costs, losses or damages arising whether directly or indirectly from non-delivery or late delivery of any goods ordered.

Proof of Delivery

In the event the Customer requests proof of delivery, such requests must be made to the company within 30 days, commencing the end of the month of the invoice. Where such proof is requested after 60 days, the Customer agrees to the payment of the sum of $20.00 for each proof of delivery provided by or on behalf of the Company.