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Oil Paint Brushes

Find a wide selection of brushes ideal for oil painting. Includes an extensive array of high quality hog hair brushes; the most commonly used hair for oil painting brushes.

Jasart Hog Brushes

Economical artist brushes made from pure soft Chinese hog bristle, ideal for Oil and Acrylic. Bristle types include Flat, Round, Fan and Stencils.


Jasart Interlocking Hog Brushes

Interlocking hog bristles have more spring and a longer lasting life. Bristle types include Fan, Filbert, Flat and Round.


Winsor & Newton Artisan Brushes

Artisan brushes are developed with a unique blend of high quality synthetic fibres, the brushes are strong and durable and are perfect for working with thick, full bodied colour straight from the tube.


Winsor & Newton Artists' Hog Brushes

Artists' Hog is a high quality hog brush developed by using the finest Chunking hog bristles. The Artists' Hog brush is the choice of brush for oil colour professionals.


Winsor & Newton Winton Hog Brushes

Winton Hog Brushes have been developed for use with Winton Oil Colour, yet, can also be used with all other oils, alkyds and acrylic colours. The brushes are developed from good quality Chinese hog bristles and is hand-set into seamless corrosion-resistant ferrules.