Terms & Conditions


In these terms and conditions – “the Company” shall mean Jasco Pty Limited. “the Customer” shall mean a customer of the Company or an applicant for credit from the Company.

Definitions Application

All orders received from customers are subject to these standard terms and conditions of trade. Each and every subsequent invoice confirms our contract between parties.


  1. Payment is due with order.
  2. If credit terms have been offered to the customer, payment for all goods supplies must be paid within 30 days of the date of the statement pertaining to the goods delivered.
  3. The Company reserves the right to withdraw credit facilities from any customer at any time.
  4. In the event of default by the customer, including any breach by the Customer of these terms and conditions, Jasco reserves the right to charge:
    a. Legal and administrative costs and expenses of and in relation to enforcement of these terms and conditions; and
    b. Interest at the rate of 10% per annum accruing daily on all outstanding amounts.

Payment is accepted by cheque or bank debit only.

Minimum Order

The minimum order value will be $250.00 (excluding GST). The charge on orders less than the minimum value will incur a $25.00 surcharge.
All orders must be for at least the minimum order quantities for a relevant Product as specified by the Company. Order will only be accepted for pack or box quantities of a Product.

Pricing Policy

All prices shown on the Jasco website are subject to alteration without notice. However, prior notice of impending price changes will be given wherever possible. Prices shown are the Customer’s unique net prices in Australian Dollars (AUD), excluding GST.

Should the Customer believe there is a problem with their pricing, the issue must be reported to Customer Service before any orders for that product are submitted. Please note, pricing is updated every 24 hours. If your account is loaded to a promotion or agreement, your special pricing will be available online the next working day.

Please click here to report an issue with pricing.

Delivery Information

Orders placed via the Jasco website will be subject to freight cost analysis. You will be notified at checkout if this applies to your order. A member of our Customer Service team will contact you regarding your order if freight charges apply. We will not process your order without your acceptance of freight charges.

Please see our Delivery Policy for all information relating to deliveries.


All goods and services supplied on or after July 1st 2000 will be subject to an additional charge for GST at the appropriate rate.

Retention of Title

  1. The risk for the goods passes to the customer on delivery and the Customer will indemnify the company for any damages, costs or losses of goods, arising after delivery of the goods to the Customer.
  2. Title to and property in the goods shall not pass to the Customer until payment of all monies due and owing to the company is received as cleared funds.
  3. In the event payment is not received by the Company for any order or combination of orders in accordance with its terms and conditions, the Customer will on demand by the company, produce the goods forthwith for return to the company.
  4. The Customer herby authorises the Company, its servants and agents, to enter premises owned, leased or otherwise occupied by the Customer for the purpose of taking possession of the goods in accordance with these conditions and authorises the Company by its servants or agents to use all reasonable force to obtain such possession.

PPSR Provisions

  1. In aspect of the PPS, each order, these terms, the credit application completed by the customer and any invoice issued by Jasco constitute a “security agreement” for the purposes of the PPS.
  2. For the purposes of s115 of the PPS, the parties agree that to the fullest extent permitted by law, they have agreed to:
    a. Contract out of ss95, 117, 118, 120, 121(4), 125, 128, 129, 130, 132(3)(d), 132(4), 134(1), 135, 142 and 143 of the PPS; and
    b. Contract out of all matters permitted to be contracted out of pursuant to s115(7) of the PPS.
  3. To the fullest extent permitted by law, pursuant to sect 157(3)(b), the customer hereby waives its rights to receive any notice under s157 of the PPS.
  4. The customer must do all things reasonably required by Jasco to enable Jasco to register and perfect a security interest in the goods under the terms of the PPS and PPSR.
  5. The customer will, at Jasco’s request, pay any or all of Jasco’s costs and expense, on a full indemnity basis, related to registration and enforcement of any security interest or security agreement (including in relation to any guarantee of the customer’s performance of these terms).

Proof of Delivery

In the event the customer requests proof of delivery, such requests must be made to the company within 30 days, commencing the end of the month of the invoice. Where such proof is requested after 60 days, the customer agrees to the payment of the sum of $20.00 for each proof of delivery provided by or on behalf of the company.

Back Orders

Any products ordered by the Customer that are out of stock at the time of order processing, will be automatically placed on back order (with the exception of the brand: Winsor & Newton). Back orders will be released to the Customer when the stock becomes available and the Company will do so on a first come, first served basis.
To enquire about a specific product or the status of a back order, please click here.

Change of Status

In the event of any change of status of the Customer, which shall be deemed to include liquidation or bankruptcy, then it is agreed that all goods supplied thereafter shall be paid for by the Customer on delivery. Such payment will be by way of cash, back cheque, EFT/Direct Bank Debit only.

Credit Reporting

The Customer agrees that the company may make any inquiries from a credit reporting agency that is deems desirable and permits the company to disclose any and all information provided by the Customer about the Customer in relation to their credit worthiness.


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