Chairmat Care Instructions

Prior to installing any Jastek or Floortex Chairmat you must:

  • Ensure that the correct Chairmat has been selected for the floor type. This is especially important for carpet Chairmats.
  • Conduct a PIN TEST to ensure the correct Chairmat has been chosen. To conduct a pin test on carpet, press a pin or similar object through your carpet and underlay and measure the distance in mm (as set out in the diagram below).
    Pin Test 
  • Once the carpet thickness (including its underlay) has been determined, refer to the product information area to select the correct mat required.
  • Make sure that the Chairmat is only used as a floor protection product.
  • Never use a carpet Chairmat (grippers) on hard floors as this will cause damage.
  • Never use a hard floor Chairmat (smooth) on carpets as slippage can occur.
  • Avoid using the Chairmat in any damp or wet areas or if condensation or extreme temperature variations occur.
  • Store the Chairmat flat. The Chairmat must not be stored in any upright position as this can damage the Chairmat.

After installation of any Jastek or Floortex Chairmat you must:

  • Pull up the Chairmat and thoroughly dry the area underneath the Chairmat before putting the Chairmat back down if liquid gets underneath the Chairmat. Chairmats will not cause mould but if the floor underneath the mat is not completely dry, mould may occur.
  • Clean the floor underneath the Chairmat regularly to ensure the floor underneath the Chairmat is clear of dirt, dust, liquid, moisture or any other foreign objects.
  • Ensure that the Chairmat and floor area are completely dry before placing the Chairmat back down and reusing.