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Since its introduction, IDEAL has gone from strength to strength and is now a leading brand that is renowned for its quality & reliability.

IDEAL’s quality is attributed to modern manufacturing technologies, the use of premium German materials and an effective quality control system which is included into all aspects of the company.

The IDEAL range consists of Shredders, Guillotines and Folding Machines designed to the Office & Print Finishing markets.


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Ideal 1038 / 1058 / 1071 Guillotines

Precision guillotines with all metal construction. Available in 3 different sizes.


Ideal 1080 and 1110 Guillotines

Large format guillotines ideal for graphic studios, print rooms and schools.


Ideal 1134 Guillotine

Manual guillotine with 350mm cutting length.


Ideal 1135 and 1046 Guillotines

Innovative guillotine for cutting oversize A4 or A3 formats.


Ideal 4300 Manual Guillotine

Attractively priced heavy duty guillotine with numerous safety features for cutting up to 20mm paper stacks.


Ideal 4305 Heavy Duty Guillotine

Powerful guillotine perfect for effortless cutting and trimming of paper stacks or bound brochures.


Ideal 4315 Electric Guillotine

Powerful electric guillotine perfect for effortless cutting and trimming.


Ideal 4705 Heavy Duty Guillotine

Heavy duty guillotine perfect for effortless cutting and trimming.


Ideal 7228-06LT Side Tables

For use with either the IDEAL 7228-06LT guillotine.


Ideal 8324 Folding Machine

Easy to use single sheet A4 automatic folding machine.


Ideal Cutting Sticks

Cutting sticks for use with various IDEAL guillotine models.


Ideal Lubricating Shredder Oil

Lubricating oil suitable for Ideal and most other shredder brands.