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Rotring Rapidograph Pen

The Rotring Rapidograph uses Rotring's unique capillary cartridge. The pressure-equalization system including ink helix is part of the ink cartridge, so that every time you change the cartridge, you get a clean new helix. This means that you never need to clean the ink helix, and ensures top reliability.

Ideal for tracing paper, vellum drawing paper and lineboard.

Line widths for drawing per ISO 128 and DIN 15 and for lettering per ISO 3098/l-DIN 6776. Drawing tube is 3mm dia. metal bushing.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0105222 0.18mm Red
4006856155037 140 40 20 20
EDP: 0105230 0.25mm White
3501179032375 140 40 20 20
EDP: 0105248 0.35mm Yellow
4006856155075 140 40 20 20
EDP: 0105256 0.50mm Brown
4006856155105 142 40 22 20
EDP: 0105259 0.50mm Brown
4006856990041 110 215 20 42
EDP: 0105264 0.70mm Blue
4006856155143 140 40 20 20
EDP: 0105272 1.0mm Orange
4006856155167 142 40 22 21
Product UOM
0.18mm Red
EDP: 0105222
0.25mm White
EDP: 0105230
0.35mm Yellow
EDP: 0105248
0.50mm Brown
EDP: 0105256
0.50mm Brown
EDP: 0105259
0.70mm Blue
EDP: 0105264
1.0mm Orange
EDP: 0105272

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