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Winsor & Newton Liquin Original

The Liquin Original is a reliable favourite that acts as a general purpose semi gloss medium which speeds drying, improves flow and reduces brush stroke retention.

  • Halves the drying time of conventional oil colour (touch dry in 1-6 days depending on colour and film thickness).
  • Resists yellowing.
  • It is not suitable as a varnish or final coat.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0116052 75ml
0884955016404 36 58 99 102
EDP: 0116069 250ml
0884955016381 50 80 148 270
EDP: 0115885 500ml
0884955016398 65 94 181 500
EDP: 0149993 1 Litre
0884955016367 68 117 196 1050

Winsor & Newton Liquin Original

Scumbling with oils | Winsor & Newton Masterclass

Scumbling is the process of layering oil colour with semi opague films over a darker layer. Adding in glazing from the work of renaissance painters.

Exploring Liquin Mediums | Winsor & Newton Masterclass

Understand the different drying times when working with Liquin Mediums.

Product UOM
EDP: 0116052
EDP: 0116069
EDP: 0115885
1 Litre
EDP: 0149993

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