Deskmate Pre-Inked Office Stamps

Deskmate Pre-Inked Office Stamps
  • 100,000 sharp impressions.
  • Stamp can be re-inked.
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee.
  • Smooth inking mechanism.
  • Protective cap
  • Stamps can be linked to form a tidy storage tray.
  • Imprint area: Maximum 42x12mm (Actual imprint will vary in size depending on title).
  • Stamp size: 55Wx56Hx24Dmm.


To Re-Ink Your Deskmate Stamp:

  1. Separate the blue top of the stamp from the grey coloured base.
  2. Place 3-5 drops of Deskmate Refill ink* into the ink wells. With Dual colour stamps, ensure the correct colour ink is placed into each ink well. Both red and blue ink will be needed for the dual colour stamps. NB: Do not over-ink the stamp or leakage will occur.
  3. Replace the protective lid and let the stamp stand overnight with the imprint facing down so the ink flows through.
  4. Your Deskmate stamp is now ready for more stamping.
  • Paid (Date & Cheque) - Red
    Paid (Date & Cheque) - Red
    EDP: 0273470
  • Paid (Date & Cheque) - Red
    0273470 - #4891902162608
    Length: 0 mm
    Width: 0 mm
    Height: 0 mm
    Weight: 0 g