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Jasart Foam Brushes

This traditional foam brush is useful for applying different effects to artworks by using the different brush profiles.

Also great for applying washes to watercolour artworks.

A great classroom tool available in a variety of sizes or available in a handy 3 pack.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0364780 Foam Brush 25mm
9311960364783 180 25 17 3
EDP: 0364790 Foam Brush 50mm
9311960364790 180 50 17 7
EDP: 0364800 Foam Brush 75mm
9311960364806 180 70 17 10
EDP: 0383330 Foam Brush 3 Piece Set
Product UOM
Foam Brush 25mm
EDP: 0364780
Foam Brush 50mm
EDP: 0364790
Foam Brush 75mm
EDP: 0364800
Foam Brush 3 Piece Set
EDP: 0383330

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