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Jasart Glue Guns

Jasart Glue Guns are modern & ergonomically designed for all adhesive and craft applications.

Ideal for Craft and DIY projects, bonds materials cleanly and easily including wood, plastic, metal, leather, ceramics, paper, cardboard, flowers, ribbon & paper.

  • Modern design offering no drip nozzle.
  • Convenient built in stand with fast and easy application.
  • Includes 2 spare glue sticks in each pack.
  • Flow of glue - 4.5gm per min

Available in 10watt and 15watt.

10W Glue Gun uses 7mm (D) glue sticks.

15W Glue Gun uses 12mm (D) glue sticks.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0368600 Glue Gun 10W
9311960368606 180 147 70 200
EDP: 0368610 Glue Gun 15W
9311960368613 227 187 70 310
EDP: 0368620 Glue Sticks 7mm Pack 6
9311960368620 178 70 9 35
EDP: 0368630 Glue Sticks 7mm Pack 12
9311960368637 178 70 17 58
EDP: 0368640 Glue Sticks 7mm Pack 24
9311960368644 163 91 22 107
EDP: 0368650 Glue Sticks 12mm Pack 6
9311960368651 178 70 25 71
EDP: 0368660 Glue Sticks 12mm Pack 12
9311960368668 178 92 24 134
EDP: 0368670 Glue Sticks 12mm Pack 24
9311960368675 178 115 34 257

Glue Stick MSDS

Product UOM
Glue Gun 10W
EDP: 0368600
Glue Gun 15W
EDP: 0368610
Glue Sticks 7mm Pack 6
EDP: 0368620
Glue Sticks 7mm Pack 12
EDP: 0368630
Glue Sticks 7mm Pack 24
EDP: 0368640
Glue Sticks 12mm Pack 6
EDP: 0368650
Glue Sticks 12mm Pack 12
EDP: 0368660
Glue Sticks 12mm Pack 24
EDP: 0368670

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