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Tombow MONO Zero Erasers

  • The thinnest and most agile eraser line on the market for precision erasing.
  • Ultra-fine tips in 2 shapes, a 2.3mm round tip and a 2.5mm x 5mm rectangular tip.
  • Retractable in a pen-style body.
  • Quality eraser that will not damage paper.
  • Refillable, refills sold separately.
  • Ideal for designers, architects, artists and cartoonists.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 7067800 Tri-colour Barrel Round Eraser
4901991652451 10 43 173 12
EDP: 7067811 Black Barrel Round Eraser
4901991652499 10 43 173 12
EDP: 7067999 Round Eraser Refill
4901991652468 10 30 150 4
EDP: 7068000 Tri-colour Barrel Rectangular Eraser
4901991652529 10 43 173 13
EDP: 7068004 Silver Barrel Rectangular Eraser
4901991652543 10 43 173 13
EDP: 7068199 Rectangular Eraser Refill
4901991652475 10 30 150 6
Product UOM
Tri-colour Barrel Round Eraser
EDP: 7067800
Black Barrel Round Eraser
EDP: 7067811
Round Eraser Refill
EDP: 7067999
Tri-colour Barrel Rectangular Eraser
EDP: 7068000
Silver Barrel Rectangular Eraser
EDP: 7068004
Rectangular Eraser Refill
EDP: 7068199

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