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Get organised with a range of art accessories for easy clean-up, dust-free storage and protected surfaces. Includes painting palettes, brush cleaner, art organisers and smocks.

Painting & Palette Knives

Ideal for mixing colour or creating texture on any artwork. Includes a range of sizes and shapes for every painting application.


Painting Palettes

Choose from an assortment of palette styles to suit most painting needs. Includes plastic painting palettes that are durable and easy to clean. Tear-off paper palettes also available for use with oil and acrylic colour.



Jasart smocks and sets allow you to keep clean while you paint. Smocks available in both long sleeve and sleeveless varieties.



Organise and protect art supplies with these strong and reliable storage options. Choose from paint boxes, art organisers, supply chests and more.


Jasart Spray Bottle

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