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Painting Palettes

Choose from an assortment of palette styles to suit most painting needs. Includes plastic painting palettes that are durable and easy to clean. Tear-off paper palettes also available for use with oil and acrylic colour.

Jasart Voyager Watercolour Empty Storage

Your own paint set is easy to create & store with these empty Water Colour accessories.


Jasart Painting Palettes

Plastic painting palette in assorted styles to suit most painting needs. Easy to clean.


Jasart Plastic Brush Tub

Great plastic tub that can hold paint brushes and is suitable for oil paint, solvents or water.


Reeves Painting Palette Sets

A set of 3 assorted Painting and Palette Knives for painting onto canvas. These knives are flexible and can be used for mixing and creating textures.


Winsor & Newton Painting Palettes

Perfect for preserving your paint for extended painting sessions.