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From beginner brushes to specialty ranges, a large selection of sizes and styles are available for a variety of painting needs. Includes acrylic brushes, oil brushes, water colour brushes, educational brushes and brush sets.

Acrylic Paint Brushes

Find a wide selection of brushes that are ideal for acrylic painting. Choose from synthetic or hog hair varieties and both long and short handle options.


Brush Sets

Convenient and practical brush sets including acrylic, oil colour and water colour varieties. Brush wallet sets offer great brushes stored in a practical carry case and value brush sets are also available in both short and long handle versions.


Educational Brushes

Great for classroom and learning purposes. Features foam brushes, paste brushes and fun Kindy brushes which are ergonomically designed and perfect for classroom learning.


Oil Paint Brushes

Find a wide selection of brushes ideal for oil painting. Includes an extensive array of high quality hog hair brushes; the most commonly used hair for oil painting brushes.


Speciality Brushes

A selection of specialty ox hair paint brushes, ideal for water colour and oil colour painting. Also includes Snazaroo face and body painting brushes.


Water Colour Paint Brushes

Find a wide choice of soft, flexible brushes ideal for water colour painting. Features the finest of water colour brushes including Winsor & Newton Series 7 Sable Brushes, Cotman Water Colour Brushes and Sceptre Gold II Brushes.


Jasart Aqua Brush

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