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Includes the tools and extras that you need for perfect face and body painting, including brushes, sponges, stencils and body crayons. Also includes “how-to” books and instructional dvd’s.

Snazaroo Brushes

Snazaroo Brushes are soft & durable. For covering large areas or small, fine detail. Made from Toray


Snazaroo Face Painting Books

A great selection of “How-To” books and an instructional DVD. Contain both easy and more difficult designs for face painters of all abilities.


Snazaroo Sponges

Snazaroo Sponges are excellent quality, high desity sponges. These long lasting sponges are great for covering larger areas


Snazaroo Stencils

Snazaroo Face Paint Stencils are a great face painting accessory.