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Jasart White Core Foamboard 5mm

Jasart 5mm White Core Foamboard is excellent for mounting works giving added structure and weight to paintings, photographs and prints.
Also suitable for classroom model making and presentation charts.

White on white 5mm thick surface.

Variety of sizes available with a purchase option in sheets or as a handy 2 pack.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0317530 White A4
9311960317536 210 297 10 76.8
EDP: 0362230 White A4
9311960362239 210 297 5 28
EDP: 0362220 White A3
9311960362222 297 420 5 55
EDP: 0362210 White A2
9311960362215 420 594 5 110
EDP: 0362200 White A1
9311960362208 594 841 5 220
EDP: 0317580 Blue A3
9311960317581 297 420 10
Product UOM
White A4
EDP: 0317530
Pack 2
White A4
EDP: 0362230
White A3
EDP: 0362220
White A2
EDP: 0362210
White A1
EDP: 0362200
Blue A3
EDP: 0317580
Pack 2

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