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Reeves Gouache Colour Sets

Reeves Gouache is an opaque water colour that has been used traditionally by designers and graphic artists to create posters and other advertising materials. However, because of their strong, opaque colours and versatility they have also become extremely popular with artists.

Gouache is also ideal for teaching colour mixing theory.

Available in sets of assorted colours.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0245531 12 x 10ml Tubes
780804850932 241 128 21 221
EDP: 0245541 18 x 10ml Tubes
780804850918 185 225 20 670

Reeves Gouache Colours

Product UOM
12 x 10ml Tubes
EDP: 0245531
18 x 10ml Tubes
EDP: 0245541

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