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Reeves Oil Colour Sets

Reeves Oil Paints have extraordinary versatility, offering excellent results from traditional painting techniques of blending, glazing, impasto and scumbling. This oil paint has a long open time, allowing artists to blend colours and glazes over a long period.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0317730 5 x 22ml Tubes with Brush
0780804321005 228 133 30 221
EDP: 0245521 18 x 10ml Tubes
780804851052 225 185 20 400
EDP: 0318150 11 x 12ml Tubes plus 22ml White Tube & Brush
9311960318151 262 26 126
EDP: 0245511 12 x 10ml
780804851069 265 106 22 260
EDP: 0397800 Colour Box Set 36
780804852042 330 250 85 504

Reeves Oil Colour - Cobalt Blue, Emerald, Flesh Tint, Titanium White


Reeves Oil Colour - Zinc White, Titanium Zinc White


Reeves Oil Colour - General

Product UOM
5 x 22ml Tubes with Brush
EDP: 0317730
18 x 10ml Tubes
EDP: 0245521
11 x 12ml Tubes plus 22ml White Tube & Brush
EDP: 0318150
12 x 10ml
EDP: 0245511
Colour Box Set 36
EDP: 0397800

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