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Lefranc & Bourgeois Flashe Vinyl Colours 400ml

Lefranc & Bourgeois’s Flashe extra-fine vinyl-based paint dries evenly with intense coverage to a uniform, velvety matte, opaque finish.

Very opaque with a high hiding power, the colours can be layered on top of each other and are also intermixable. The highly pigmented colour may be diluted with water to create a range of results, from highly opaque to a transparent watercolor effect.

Use indoors or out on canvas, paper, or walls, with brushes, paint guns, or sponges. The supple film offers good adherence and resistance to weather and is ideal for fresco and wall painting, faux finishes, theater decorations, and more.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0387338 Fluorescent Light Orange (205)
EDP: 0387348 Manganese Blue Hue (041)
EDP: 0024230 Royal Blue (067)
EDP: 0009260 White (022) (Series 1)
3013643005346 92 92 110 764
Product UOM
Fluorescent Light Orange (205)
EDP: 0387338
Manganese Blue Hue (041)
EDP: 0387348
Royal Blue (067)
EDP: 0024230
White (022) (Series 1)
EDP: 0009260

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