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Jasart Round Canvas Boards

Jasart Round Canvas Boards are primed canvas die cut on a firm 3.5mm hardboard core base with backing paper.

100% cotton, 380gsm canvas provides a medium grain surface to work on.

Triple primed with acrylic gesso makes these boards ideal for use with acrylic, oil & alkyds.

Ideal for beginners and students.

Acid Free

FSC® Certified

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0430880 6 inch FSC
9311960430884 152 152 3.5 54
EDP: 0430890 8 inch FSC
9311960430891 203 203 3.5 92
EDP: 0430900 10 inch FSC
9311960430907 254 254 3.5 158
EDP: 0430910 12 inch FSC
9311960430914 305 305 3.5 208
EDP: 0430920 16 inch FSC
9311960430921 406 406 3.5 375
Product UOM
6 inch FSC
EDP: 0430880
8 inch FSC
EDP: 0430890
10 inch FSC
EDP: 0430900
12 inch FSC
EDP: 0430910
16 inch FSC
EDP: 0430920

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