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Kent T Squares

Quality wooden T-Squares available in both single and double sided to suit both left and right handers.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0062466 Single 60cm
9311960062467 660 239 17 580
EDP: 0063234 Single 90cm
9311960063235 960 300 15 265
EDP: 0064222 Single 105cm
9311960064225 1115 330 15 310
EDP: 0064223 Double 60cm
9311960642232 655 240 14 190
EDP: 0064224 Double 90cm
9311960642249 960 300 14 280
EDP: 0064225 Double 105cm
Product UOM
Single 60cm
EDP: 0062466
T Square
Single 90cm
EDP: 0063234
T Square
Single 105cm
EDP: 0064222
T Square
Double 60cm
EDP: 0064223
T Square
Double 90cm
EDP: 0064224
T Square
Double 105cm
EDP: 0064225
T Square

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