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Winsor & Newton Artists' Hog Brushes Long Filbert

Artists' Hog is a high quality hog brush developed by using the finest Chunking hog bristles. The hair is extremely resilient and the brush retains its working edge and shape for far longer. The bristles are also ‘flagged' (i.e. split at the ends) giving the brush the ability to carry more colour and then to apply it evenly to the surface. The natural curve of the bristle is utilised to produce a consistent shape.

The Artists' Hog brush is the choice of brush for oil colour professionals.

The Long Filbert Brush features a flat head with an oval tip. It creates a broad mark with a soft edge. These Filbert shaped brushes are made with a longer bristle than normal.

Ideal for use with oil colour and acrylic colour.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0169753 Size 2
0094376868562 8 8 300 7
EDP: 0169818 Size 8
0094376868593 13 15 335 20
EDP: 0169834 Size 10
0094376868609 15 20 345 27
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Product UOM
Size 2
EDP: 0169753
Size 8
EDP: 0169818
Size 10
EDP: 0169834