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Jasart Interlocking Hog Bristle Round Brushes

Fine quality hog bristle brushes. While specifically designed for use with oil, these quality brushes are equally suitable for acrylic.

Interlocking hog bristles have more spring and a longer lasting life.

Round shape is ideal for filling in colour as well as fine detail and drawing.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0330890 Size 2
9311960330894 304 8 8 6
EDP: 0330900 Size 4
9311960330900 313 9 9 8
EDP: 0330910 Size 6
9311960330917 320 10 10 9
EDP: 0330920 Size 8
9311960330924 330 13 13 10
EDP: 0330930 Size 10
9311960330931 337 17 17 11
EDP: 0330940 Size 12
9311960330948 345 19 19 13
Product UOM
Size 2
EDP: 0330890
Size 4
EDP: 0330900
Size 6
EDP: 0330910
Size 8
EDP: 0330920
Size 10
EDP: 0330930
Size 12
EDP: 0330940

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