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Jasart White Taklon Long Flat Brushes

Long Flat White Taklon brushes are suitable for bold sweeping strokes or us the edge for fine lines.

Synthetic hair filaments are an excellent alternative to natural hair, ideal for watercolour, acrylic and gouache paints as well as for mixed media.

Features include long flat bristle shape with short silver handle.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0319180 Size 1/4
9311960319189 275 45 5 8
EDP: 0319190 Size 3/8
9311960319196 275 45 7 10
EDP: 0319200 Size 1/2
9311960319202 275 45 10 12
EDP: 0319210 Size 3/4
9311960319219 315 53 12 16
EDP: 0319220 Size 1
9311960319226 315 53 15 22
EDP: 0319230 Size 1 1/2
9311960319233 315 53 20 26
Product UOM
Size 1/4
EDP: 0319180
Size 3/8
EDP: 0319190
Size 1/2
EDP: 0319200
Size 3/4
EDP: 0319210
Size 1
EDP: 0319220
Size 1 1/2
EDP: 0319230

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