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Jasart Red Sable Long Liner Brushes

Long Liner Red Sable brushes are suitable for delicate lettering, highlighting and long continuous strokes. 

The most valuable hair used in artist brushes is Red sable.
It has special qualities unmatched by any other hair strength along with slim body, extremely fine points, and greater resiliency.

Not only will it come to a needle-fine point or knife-like edge, but will retain its full elasticity, making it the best hair type used for watercolour.

Features a short silver handle.

Ideal for Oil and Watercolour.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0319740 Size 10/0
9311960319745 275 45 4 4
EDP: 0319750 Size 5/0
9311960319752 275 45 5 4
EDP: 0319760 Size 2/0
9311960319769 275 45 5 5
EDP: 0319770 Size 0
9311960319776 275 45 5 5
EDP: 0319780 Size 1
9311960319783 275 45 5 5
EDP: 0319790 Size 2
9311960319790 275 45 5 6
EDP: 0319800 Size 4
9311960319806 275 45 5 8
Product UOM
Size 10/0
EDP: 0319740
Size 5/0
EDP: 0319750
Size 2/0
EDP: 0319760
Size 0
EDP: 0319770
Size 1
EDP: 0319780
Size 2
EDP: 0319790
Size 4
EDP: 0319800

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