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Rapid Point Glue Gun & Accessories

A new mini glue gun with functional features for your specific needs.

  • Cordless solution and a precision nozzle for precise work and cordless operations.
  • Work stand for better stability.
  • Max glue output 80g/hour.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0340490 Point Glue Gun
3221633030029 177 57 206 213
EDP: 0340530 7mm Glue Sticks Transparent (Pack 20)
7313468359041 96 160 20 92
7mm glue
Glue 7mm
2 years
Product UOM
Point Glue Gun
EDP: 0340490
7mm Glue Sticks Transparent (Pack 20)
EDP: 0340530

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