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Jasart Sequins

Add pizzazz and glittery glam to all your art and craft projects.

Glitter stars, sequins and rhinestones will make any project stand out.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0324610 Sequins Round Assorted Colours 10mm
9311960324619 100 90 7 26
EDP: 0324620 Sequins Assorted Shapes & Sizes
9311960324626 105 100 8 26
EDP: 0324630 Sequin Stars Assorted Colours
9311960324633 150 100 7 26
EDP: 0324640 Rhinestones
9311960324640 95 90 10 27
Product UOM
Sequins Round Assorted Colours 10mm
EDP: 0324610
Sequins Assorted Shapes & Sizes
EDP: 0324620
Sequin Stars Assorted Colours
EDP: 0324630
EDP: 0324640

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