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Maped Creativ Sets

Creative mini sets to explore colours, materials and give children the imagination to give life to their creations. Maped Creativ Mini Box includes everything required to complete the creative project. Encourages children to use their imagination to create then play with their creations. Available in 3 themed sets

Monster Stacking – Decorate and your own monsters

  • Decorate monsters with felt-pens
  • Add stickers
  • Assemble characters and play
  • Content:
    • 3 x cardboard monsters
    • 1 sticker sheet
    • 6 felt-tip pens

Weaving Box - Build your own decorative weaved box

  • Customise box with felt-pens and mosaic
  • Embroider box cover
  • Embroider box base
  • Build the box and hide your treasures
  • Content: 
    • Box to build
    • 3 coloured threads
    • 1 giant plastic needle
    • 2 sheets coloured mosaic
    • 3 felt-tip pens

Money Box – Build your own velvet money box

  • Colour precut velvet piggy bank with felt-pens
  • Assemble without glue
  • Insert coins and watch the arms of the piggy bank move!
  • Content: 
    • 1 piggy bank velvet material on paper
    • 6 felt-tip pens

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 8907013 Velvet Money Box
3154149070138 183 183 98 98
EDP: 8907032 Monster Stacking
3154149070329 183 183 98 98
EDP: 8907033 Weaving
3154149070336 183 183 98 98
Maped Creativ Mini Box Monster Stacking
Maped Creativ Mini Box Weaving
Maped Creativ Mini Box Velvet Money box
Maped Creativ Blow Pen Art
Product UOM
Velvet Money Box
EDP: 8907013
Monster Stacking
EDP: 8907032
EDP: 8907033

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