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Jasart Cutting Mats

Self healing cutting mats with durable, non-slip surface for repetitive cutting without damaging your work surface or harming the knife edge.

The Jasart Cutting Mats are easy to read, have contrasting measurements and come in transparent and green.


  • A4
  • A3
  • A2
  • A1


Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0205010 Green A4 (220 x 300mm)
9311960205017 225 302 3 280
EDP: 0146466 Green A3 (300 x 450mm)
9311960036260 450 302 3 560
EDP: 0036276 Green A2 (450 x 600mm)
9311960036277 604 455 3 1140
EDP: 0036315 Green A1 (600 x 900mm)
9311960036314 900 600 3 2280
EDP: 0205020 Translucent A4 (220 x 300mm)
9311960205024 225 302 3 280
EDP: 0036399 Translucent A1 (600 x 900mm)
9311960363991 900 600 3 2280
Product UOM
Green A4 (220 x 300mm)
EDP: 0205010
Green A3 (300 x 450mm)
EDP: 0146466
Green A2 (450 x 600mm)
EDP: 0036276
Green A1 (600 x 900mm)
EDP: 0036315
Translucent A4 (220 x 300mm)
EDP: 0205020
Translucent A1 (600 x 900mm)
EDP: 0036399

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