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Maped Scissors

Maped's complete range of scissors encompasses both children and adults with a unique offering for all. Maped scissors are sure to have something for everyone.

Kidicut Scissors

  • Fibreglass blades that will not cut through skin, fabric or hair
  • Perfect first set of scissors
  • Focused on children 3+
  • Bright colour and vibrant design suit both boys and girls

Koopy Scissors

  • Unique automatic opening spring to assist with children's cutting
  • Spring can be deactivated and the scissors can be used like normal
  • Suitable for children 5+

Zenoa Scissors

  • Optimum comfort, soft lining scissors
  • Features top quality stainless steel blades with rivet for long life
  • Double ground blades for an always sharp cut
  • Available in assorted colours of orange, lime green & blue

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 8037800 Kidicut Safety Scissor (Hang Sell)
3154140378004 20 100 170 21
EDP: 8037910 Koopy 13cm Scissors (Hang Sell)
3154140379100 10 80 270 34
EDP: 8595010 Zenoa Sensitiv 15cm (Hang Sell)
EDP: 8464010 Start 13cm Scissors (Hang Sell)
Product UOM
Kidicut Safety Scissor (Hang Sell)
EDP: 8037800
Koopy 13cm Scissors (Hang Sell)
EDP: 8037910
Zenoa Sensitiv 15cm (Hang Sell)
EDP: 8595010
Start 13cm Scissors (Hang Sell)
EDP: 8464010