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Solvent Media

Paper for Solvent and Eco Solvent based ink systems covering POS, Canvas, Backlit film and Imaging Paper.

Sihl 3629 Syntisol PP Film WF Semi-Gloss 170mic

Syntisol PP Film is a satin coated and tear resistant polypropylene film with a waterproof coating for solvent inks.


Sihl 3549 Optilux Backlit Film WF 200 Matt 200mic

Single side coated transparent polyester film with matt coating . Designed for high quality front print applications in back-lit boxes.
Suitable for areas with high humidity and condensation.


Sihl 3684 TriSolv Premium Paper Gloss 135gsm

Highly opaque barrier-coated white paper. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Suitable for hot and cold lamination.