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Reeves Acrylic Gel Mediums

Add another dimension to your artwork with Reeves Acrylic Gel Mediums. They can be mixed with acrylic colour before application or be applied on top of dry painting.

Reeves Gloss Gel Medium provides a glossy effect when added to acrylic paint.

Reeves Modeling Paste is a lightweight, airy, flexible, thick, sculptural gel.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0006900 Modeling Paste 200ml
0780804860986 180 60 40 235
EDP: 0006910 Gloss Gel Medium 200ml
0780804860979 180 60 40 235
EDP: 0357940 3D Super-Heavy Gloss Gel 237ml
0780804322507 72 72 82 320
Product UOM
Modeling Paste 200ml
EDP: 0006900
Gloss Gel Medium 200ml
EDP: 0006910
3D Super-Heavy Gloss Gel 237ml
EDP: 0357940